You need a plan and you need to understand the risks so you can protect your products beforehand. It’s too late to close the barn door after a regulatory agency action. That’s when pressure is on. You need to know the risks and exposure beforehand and be prepared.

You need experts to review your creative, scripting and regulatory message before you get locked in. You need help in dealing with FDA, FTC, and other regulatory agencies. Let us prepare the best- and worst-case scenarios and layout the optimal recommendations that includes a Public Relations response.

Ask other companies in the industry that had to avoid those regulatory barrages. Those are the times when you can least afford to be alone and caught up in the fight for your company’s life.

Don’t get caught short. Our services include regulatory assessment of risks and challenges. manufacturing and sourcing, branding, layout and design, media and internet campaigns, front end, back end, up-sell and retail planning.

It’s too late to close the barn door after a regulatory agency is beating down the door and you are forced to bring in a high profile legal team just to survive.

Protect your products, your company, and your financial security and freedom.

Here are some consulting solutions we provide:


FDA Review / Nutri-Compliance
Advertising / Trade / Consumer
PR / Consumer Awareness
Brand Development
Business Development
Logistics / Warehousing
Develop and Maintain Relationships with Key Executives

Let us provide you with a first look and risk assessment from your initial concept to completed products.

We aren’t attorneys and can’t take the place of them if and when the time comes, but we have associations with the best legal and regulatory minds in the country.

Our goal is to prepare you and save you money upfront so you can pump those dollars into your advertising campaigns where it belongs.

Give us a call. It’s worth your time.


John R. Bancroft, Founder and CEO