In 1984 ALTTPRO developed CigArrest as part of its corporate mission to treat addictions.

In 1994 ALTTPRO was contacted by the National Institue of Drug Abuse to help develop a treatment for Methamphetamine Cocaine addiction using many of the drugs that were used in treating nicotine addiction.

A decison was made to contract with a third party company to further market CigArrest to consumers using internet and retail in order to fully focus ALTTPRO’s attention on the world wide abuse of methamphetamines and cocaine.

The development of those drug and addiction treatments has resulted in other technologies currently undergoing clinical trials.

ALTTPRO has been advised by its distribution partner that they seek to terminate the underlying distribution agreement. Although our relationship with our distributor has been good we believe our new technological innovations will provide smokers with a better and more effective method to help them break their addiction to cigarettes and nicotine.

Effectively 1 April 2013 ALTTPRO will take over all aspects of the CigArrest business from its 3rd party distributor.

We look forward to once again serve the needs of those smokers seeking to break the smoking habit.



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