A future committed to providing the best products and services based on over 30 years of experience and service. The Company and management has come a long way since we first went against convention and embarked on using lobeline, a naturally derived botanical as a treatment for tobacco and nicotine addiction with it’s first branded product: CigArrest.

The therapeutic value of lobeline and its unique mechanism of action, as with many other natural and botanical products were not well understood by the research and scientific community in 1983.

In 2011 new research, new discoveries and ALTTPRO’s commitment to its beliefs has proven the naysayers wrong. There is recognition of the medical relevance of lobeline and its analogs in treating not only nicotine addiction but methamphetamine addiction and other conditions like Parkinson’s and ADHD.

We see great promise and many opportunities in treating many diseases and chronic conditions using the powers that nature has gifted to us and we maintain the founding beliefs of over 30 years experience that support ALTTPRO today.