Welcome to Alternative Therapeutic Products and thank you for visiting our site.

ALTTPRO has been a provider of treatment solutions and medications since 1983. Our executive management team has decades of experience in the development and delivery of medications.
We have served over 3 million smokers with products like CigArrest and Vita Guard Smokers Formula Vitamins. These all-natural formulations have proven to be safe, natural way to effectively manage and treat nicotine addiction and re-supplement the body with vitamins and minerals lost as a result of smoking, toxicity and stress.

We take our work very seriously. Our anti-smoking and addiction research work has led to many new discoveries including novel treatments for methamphetamine and cocaine addiction. We have developed a new drug and delivery system with the potential of reversing arterial dysfunction resulting from years of tobacco use.

We believe in taking a more natural integrated medication approach to the treatment of chronic diseases and conditions. Our approach to healing relies on time tested herbal remedies to improve treatment outcomes.

It is my belief that with the addition of new emerging science our Company’s future will be fueled with daring and innovation leading to new product development.

Our goal is to transfer and merge science with daring and innovation thus delivering solutions to chronic recurring diseases and disorders through naturally derived alternative medicines.